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American Heritage Chocolate Block
6 ounces of chocolate is 63% finely grated cacao (2 blocks scored in 1oz increments for easy use). Contains chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, spices, and natural flavorings. All natural, no preservatives. Use in recipes as you would other semi-sweet chocolate, substituting American Heritage Chocolate 1 to 1. American Heritage Chocolate Block smells soooo good. Chip off a piece and discover that it tastes even better. Use it for chocolate chip cookies and you will love the touch of spice it brings to your traditional recipe. But, asks the gourmet in your group, how does it melt? Beautifully, is the answer. Smooth and velvety. Perfect for baking or drinking, the authentic taste of early American chocolate blends easily into all your favorite treats.
American Heritage Chocolate Drink Mix
The 12.72 ounce canister of grated chocolate provides 12 servings of hot chocolate made of chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, spices, and natural flavorings. The all natural, preservative-free grated chocolate may also be used in your favorite recipes as a substitute for semi-sweet chocolate in a 1 to 1 ratio. In the 1700's the chocolate making process was time consuming, however, it quickly became a favorite drink among the colonists. As chocolate transitioned from a drink to a confection, the chocolate recipes were modified to highlight the flavor of a solid chocolate which melted in the mouth. American Heritage Chocolate has recaptured the sophisticated flavors of our forefathers, recreating the delicious, slightly spicy, decadently rich flavor and texture in their Chocolate Drink.
American Heritage Chocolate Bites
Natural muslin drawstring bag contains 7 chocolate bites (approx. 1.5 ounces) made of chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, spices, and natural flavors. 63% finely grated cacao. No preservatives. A perfect mouthful of rich, slightly spicy chocolate can make any moment of the day a little sweeter. Individually wrapped American Heritage Chocolate Bites are mini-pillars of chocolate made from an authentic 18th century recipe that is all natural and all delicious. Tuck one in your pocket or purse, or spice up a lunch box! They are a little taste of history with a big chocolate flavor.
American Heritage Chocolate Stick
.42 ounce sticks are approximately 4 inches long and come individually wrapped. 63% finely grated cacao with all natural ingredients and no preservatives. You like chocolate. Actually, you love chocolate. So an American Heritage Chocolate Stick is the perfect treat for you. It's chocolate. That's all. And that's enough! Made from an 18th century recipe, it contains chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, spices, and natural flavorings, all rolled into a stick. The perfect chocolate-lovers treat for late night indulgence or stirred into a cup of coffee for an afternoon pick-me up!
5358A.jpg Betsy Ross, 5 in 1 USB Charging Buddy
Our Betsy Ross multi cable charge buddy is lightweight and compact. So, it is great for travelling, the office or school.

Multi charge buddy can connect with your laptop or power bank for your phones or electronics charging.

Charge buddy plugs includes:
-one 0 pin
-one 8 pin
-two micro USB
-one mini USB
Ideal for Android and Ipod

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