Betsy Ross and the Making of America
Written by Marla R. Miller
362 Pages + acknowledgments and source notes

Legend has it that as the American colonies hurtled towards independence, representatives of the Continental Congress, including George Washington, walked into Betsy Ross's Philadelphia upholstery shop and commissioned the first flag of the Revolutionary nation. Although this story has long made Betsy Ross one of America's most celebrated patriots, little had been known until now about the woman behind the flag. Drawing on new sources and bringing a fresh, keen eye to the fabled creator of "the first flag," Marla R. Miller thoroughly reconstructs the life behind the legend.

Betsy Ross and The Silver Thimble
Written by Stephanie Greene
32 pages

Betsy Ross wants to prove to her brother that she can do whatever he can-but she ends up proving something to herself instead.

Suitable for ages 5-7.

Patriots, Pirates, Heroes and Spies
Written By Sandy Lloyd
159 pages

Sweet, demure Lydia Darragh was a Quaker, a patriot...and a spy! Her story, and the stories of inventors, witches, and a cow, come to vibrant life in Patriots, Pirates, Heroes & Spies: Stories from Historic Philadelphia. These stories got their start in the popular Once Upon A Nation storytelling program launched by Historic Philadelphia, Inc. in 2005.